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pillow cases solid 34 Christmas Décor Items that Fit Your Budget! pillow covers geometric
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Good Morning! I feel a little off writing this post. Well, it’;s 80 degrees here in Michigan…; in mid-October. We should really be feeling fall / early winter and it hasn’;t happened yet. Check in with me on Halloween, because I feel confident that the snow will suddenly make its appearance. Grrrr…;

I am really enjoying all the things we have to look forward to here over the next few months. One of those is Christmas. Ahhhh you’;re probably groaningpillow cases solid, but here me out. It’;s only 2 months away. EEEEKK…; If you’;re an early planner like me, it’;s time to start thinking about picking up a few things here an there for the holiday. You know I like a great deal and details that look like fun but without lots of cash. And Christmas décor is no different.

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I can only imagine that our decorations will come out super early this year because once the kids realize Santa is on his way…; well we need to be prepared. And let’;s be honest, it’;s fun to see them so excited and eager for the holiday. Fall time is all about my decorations, the kids own Christmas.

So today I am sharing more than 30 items that add some cheer to your winter…; but without costing a small fortune to spend. Because if it’;s only staying up for 1-2 months, it needs to be affordable! Here are my ideas for Christmas décor under $25…; and most of it is half that cost (yayyy)!

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I hope that you found something that you adore! I’;m off to pick up a few things myself. ??

pillow covers geometric

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