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pillow cases solid 36 SIMPLE COSTUME IDEAS for Kids and Adults pillow case baby
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Well, the plan was to have Connor’;s costume done and ready to share for today.? Arghh…;…;it just didn’;t quite happen.? But that’;s because yesterday was a little on the crazier side (aka: one sick little monkey…;..but she’;s fine today) and naptime wasn’;t as fruitful as normal.? So, the Wizard of Oz costumes are almost done…;…;but won’;t resume until Monday.? Deal?

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(In cased you missed it, Glinda the Good Witch and Dorothy are both done.)

In the meantimepillow cases solid, I’;ve been noticing so many cute costume ideas around and just had to share.? And they’;re all simple ideas…; yes, there’;s plenty of time for these.? Because, by golly, if I could wrap each person (yep, adults too) on this planet up in some sort of clever costume for Halloween, I would. ;)


And see you Monday!


Little Miss Sunshine Costume via Real Simple

No-Sew Spider Web Cape?via Delia Creates

Pancake Costume via Two Twenty One

Charlie Brown Costume?via Emily McCall

?Mermaid Costume via The Sewing Rabbit

Mad Scientist Costume via Real Simple

Medusa via Martha Stewart

Simple Shark Costume?via Make It and Love It

Shark Attack Costumes?via The Fickle Pickle

Bandit Costumes?via Say Yes

Spaghetti and Meatballs Costume via Simple Simon and Co

Mario and Luigi GoCart Costume via Twin Dragonfly Designs

Spiderweb Mother and Spider Baby?via Martha Stewart

No-Sew Elsa Cape Costume?via Cami for Make It and Love It

Peacock Costume?via Andreas Notebook

No-Sew Pineapple Costume?via Delia Creates

Lumberjack Costume (with beard)?via Make It and Love It

Jellyfish Costume (made from a sombrero)?via Capers and Crayons

Jedi Costume?via Dana Made It

Baby Cow with Udder?via Make It and Love It

Glue, Crayon, and Paint Costumes?via Everyday Living

Spider Shades via Martha Stewart

Lego Man Costume via Instructables

Pregnant Skeleton and Pregnant Husband Skeleton?via Make It and Love It

Olivia the Pig Costume?via I Want to be a Super Teacher

Mummy Costume?via U Create

Candy Corn Costume?via Pretty Kitty Knitty City

Gumball Machine Costume?via Make It and Love It

Rocketman via Real Simple

Low-Sew Poodle Skirt Costume?via Make It and Love It

Flower Costume via Martha Stewart

Piggy Costume?via Make It and Love It

Chicken Costume via Martha Stewart

Simple Flamingo Costume?via Make It and Love It

Bat Costume via Alpha Mom

Where’;s Waldo Costume?via Make It and Love It

How can matching underwear be so expensive, and then why is most of it so hideously unflattering anyway? I bought a white bra years ago that fit perfectly...before long it was a grey bra that fit perfectly, and besides I never had a matching set for it. Here is the finished product and the tutorial on how I did it.

Today’s contributor is Crystal from?Stitched By Crystal.?All posts written by Crystal for Make It and Love It can be found?HERE.