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pillow cases solid Budget Friendly Dining Room Ideas - Relaxed and Informal funny cushion covers
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Not all dining rooms are grandiose spaces, many modern homes have a more relaxed and informal style which suits modern family lifestyle. Cream and whites are great base colours which can make the area or room look and feel light, fresh and airy.

Flooring doesn't have to be overly complex – plain flooring actually works incredibly well in small room. Using cheap rugs placed under the table and chairs is the ideal protection for pale coloured carpeting. Make sure the rug is sufficiently large to accommodate the chairs as well; a general rule of thumb is to allow 1ft (30cms) from the chairs when tucked under the table. Walls can also be white or cream. If you're using paint opt for the satin finishes as the soft reflective surface will also make the room lighter.

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Mirrors and wall art can be used to break-up large expanses of white to give them a more homely look. Your table should be a proportionate size to the room. Keeping with the white themepillow cases solid, paint an existing table for a budget friendly approach rather then buy new. The same applies to chairs, a lick of paint and some comfortable seat pads will be all they need to give them a new lease of life.

Give windows a relaxed look by using full length silver curtains or lightweight voile panels. Either will make your window look larger than in reality if you extend the curtain poles and tracks beyond the actual width of the window. This also means you'll be able to let more light into the room when the curtains are opened as they'll be covering the wall rather than the glass itself.

A great aspect for rooms which have sunning shining directly through them. Treat yourself to a modern styled chandelier to bring further chic style into the room. A modern sideboard with wicker basket drawers will also compliment the room and bring a natural and homeliness.

Additional touches, such as a vase of fresh seasonal flowers will always make the room look fresh and new, with a table lamp in-situ you'll also have an instant dimmed lighting affect for those special romantic evenings. With informal dining being bang on-trend the sky's the limit and even though the space may be small you'll be able to give it dynamic character which oozes a style which can look stunning in most styles of homes.

For years sheds have been stereotyped as a key destination for Dads and Grandads to complete their projects, and maybe there’s some truth in that. From doing a spot of DIY to cleaning up engines and micro-brewing beer, the shed isn’t a place of isolation – it’s a place of peace and creativity. Now everyone is getting in on the action, with a rise in so-called ‘she-sheds’ pushing the shed concept in a new and more comfortable direction.

Often overlooked as a surface fit for decoration, the stair raiser is actually one of the most frequently viewed areas in your home and therefore should be carefully considered when choosing a new scheme for your home. Stair raisers are a fantastic way to link the downstairs décor to the upstairs. They are also a great place to be a little more adventurous than you might be with the living rooms walls for example as you don’t spend long periods looking at them.