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Today I’;m going to be sharing with you an easy version of my reading pillow pattern. It’;s one of my favorite tutorials on this site and I’;ve been asked many times to create a simplified version of the pillow. This tutorial is beginner friendly and is also great for kids who are learning how to sew.

Waaaay back “;in the day”;, I think 10 years ago, I created a reading pillow for my nephews for Christmas. Since then I’;ve shared many tutorials here for reading pillows over the years. They are one of my “;go to”; gifts for kids, and I’;ve had so much fun over the years making the pillows.

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My original reading pillow pattern included piping and the option of a zippered back. I’;ve been asked a few times to create a version without the piping and zipper.

The easy reading pillow pattern I’;m sharing with you today is very simple. No zipperspillow cases solid, piping or special techniques are required. It’;s literally just a bunch of straight lines. SO EASY!

Have you noticed the illustrations on the fabrics in the pillow? Recognize any of the stories? I’;m a child of the ’;80s and like many children of the ’;80s I grew up on Anne of Green Gables.

My sister and I used to fight over the books growing up. (Almost as much as we fought over the Baby-Sitters Club Books). I adored the books and the TV series. At one point, I was absolutely convinced that I was going to grow up and marry Gilbert Blythe.

I related so much with Anne (and not just because my middle name is Anne with an E). She was always speaking up and sometimes got in trouble. She had plans and ambition but was still kind. I saw a lot of myself in her.

When I saw that Riley Blake had a new line featuring Anne of Green Gables I jumped on the chance to make something with it. I’;m sure I’;m too old for a reading pillow of my own, but I don’;t care! LOL!! I might keep one for me and pass one along to my adorable red-headed niece (or own little Anne).

You’;ll notice that the reading pillow in this photo has a “;friend”; it’;s a full-size version of the pillow. The pillow cover in the photo fits a standard size pillow. I thought since I was adding a few new version to my original tutorial that I’;d create one more.

I actually offer the reading pillow as a PDF pattern in my shop, since many of you prefer a PDF version to a version on the internet.

The full-size reading pillow pattern (or reading pillow sham) has been added to the Reading Pillow Pattern Bundle in the shop. If you’;ve purchased the pattern in the past, I’;ve sent you a link to download an updated version with the new addition.

If you’;d like to buy the pattern you can hop on over to my shop and find it there.

Ok, now on to the tutorial!

fits an 18″; x 18″; pillow.

Fabric is Kindred Spirits by Riley Blake Designs. You can find it HERE.

Fabric for Pillow Front:

1/2 Yard or 1 Fat Quarter of Fabric

For Pillow Pocket:

1/2 Yard or 1 Fat Quarter of Fabric

Pillow Pocket Lining:

1/2 Yard of 1 Fat Quarter of Fabric

For Pillow Back:

1/2 Yard Fabric

Notions &; Interfacing:

1 Yard of 40″; wide Fusible Fleece

1/2 Yard 1″; wide ribbon

18″; Pillow Form

Basic Sewing Supplies

Fray Check

From Pillow Front Fabric Cut:

1 Piece 18″; x 18″;

From Pillow Pocket Fabric Cut:

1 piece 11″; x 18″;

From Pillow Lining Fabric Cut:

1 piece 11″; x 18″;

From Pillow Back Fabric Cut:

2 pieces 12″; x 18″;

From Fusible Fleece Cut:

1 Piece 18″; x 18″;

1 piece 11″; x 18″;

All seam allowances are 1/2″; unless otherwise noted. Leave the ribbon off of this project if making this pillow for children under 3 as the ribbon can pose a choking hazard.

Following the directions on the package of fusible fleece, apply it to the wrong side of the Pillow Front Piece and Pocket piece.

Pin the interfaced pocket piece with the pocket lining piece, right sides facing. Stitch along the top edge of the pocket using a 1/2″; seam allowance.

Press the seam open and turn the pocket right side out. Press the top seam of the pocket so that it lays flat and top stitch along the edge of the pocket.

Cut a piece of ribbon to 8″; long. Finish off the ends with a bit of fray check. Pin the ribbon to the top of the pillow piece so that it’;s facing down and centered in the pillow. Stitch it in place close to the edge of the pillow top.

Pin the pillow pocket to the pillow pice so that the bottom of the pillow and the pocket are lined up. Baste the pocket in place along the two side seams.

Fold under the fabric 1/2″; on the two 12″; x 18″; fabric pieces along one of the 18″; sides. Press, then stitch in place.

Pin one of the 12″; x 18″; pillow back pieces to the pillow front, the folded edge of the 12″; x 18″; piece will be facing down and the raw edge of the 12″; x 18″; pillow piece will be flush with the top edge of the pillow. The right sides of the fabric will be facing.

Pin the 2nd 12″; x 18″; pillow back piece on top of this piece, but this time, line up the raw edge of the 12″; x 18″; back piece with the bottom of the pillow.

Stitch around the entire pillow perimeter. Backstitch where the folded edges of the pillow back pieces meet the pillow front. This gives the pillow cover a bit more stability and you’;re less likely to pop a seam as you insert a pillow form into the pillow cover.

Clip the corners and turn the pillow cover right side out. Insert a pillow form, add a book and you’;re done!

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