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Today’s contributor is Terra?from Mama Says Sew.?All posts written by Terra?for Make It and Love It can be found HERE.?

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Hey everyone, it’;s Terra from Mama Says Sew!

Are you in search of a quick project for St Patrick’;s Day? Try this easy shamrock leggings tutorial! All you need is some knit fabric and some felt and you can whip up a pair before the holiday.

The little shamrock applique is a fun addition to a basic pair of leggings.

I think knee patches are perfect for little ones! They spend so much time on their knees, both playing and moving, so it’;s a great way to add a little extra durability to their pants. It would be great for older boys too (my son goes through jeans like nobody’;s business)pillow cases solid, but I don’;t think I could put these on my son. He’;s a little old for this style unfortunately!

Want to make your own pair? Scroll down for the tutorial…;

You will need:

***As always, if you need a bit of help with the basic sewing skills used in this tutorial,?don’t hesitate to check out the?Sewing 101 post?for more help.

First, cut out the leggings. You can use a pattern you already have, or draft your own using this tutorial.

Fold them in half, with the front half on top of the back.

Lay your shamrock pattern piece on top of the legging to mark where you want it to go. If you’;ve made your own pattern, it should be fairly simple to determine where the knee is, because it will be more worn on the original leggings. Make sure to account for seam allowances when positioning your shamrock.

Cut out and position your felt shamrock on the knee of the legging.

Repeat for the other leg. Make sure they’;re both at the same level.

Sew around the shamrock. If you use felt, you’;ll have to line dry, otherwise the knee patch will go all wonky. You could also use a different fabric-I just like the look of felt.

Once both shamrocks are sewn on, you should have two leggings pieces like this:

Then just sew them up as you would any other pair of leggings.

Tada! Some super cute, easy shamrock leggings for the holiday! You could do other shapes as well! I think a rainbow would be adorable, although that would take more work.



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