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pillow cases solid Friday Faux Pas- The Last Straw funny cushion covers
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We all need a home revamp from time to time but just be careful when asking for a hand in the actual interior design, not all original ideas are good ideas.

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One of the worst pieces of original interior design I have seen is straw (hay, if you like, you knowpillow cases solid, the stuff farmer’s use) stuck to a home’s living room wall. I’m not quite sure what the interior designer was trying to achieve with this look, I can just imagine the people cringing and staying a few feet from the walls when they enter the room. There’s nothing offensive about walls with texture as stone walls can be very effective, but I think we can all agree from this that straw is a interior design ‘no-no’.

At what point does something that gluing straw to a wall is a good idea, especially when you barely cover the wall at all? There can be little call for a wall covering that will gradually crumble and fall off every time someone brushes against it. Over time there would be patches of wall with no straw, completely ruining the effect. Personally, I would opt for a nice exposed brickwork look, if you want a textured wall. It's a stylish and easy effect to achieve, and you certainly won't have to clean up every time someone touches the wall! Stay tuned for more Friday Faux Pas' next week!

After Nikki Li Kinowski (@jeadoreblogger) made a dress for herself from our Dark Floral Fabric, her daughter Imogen asked Mom to make one in her size. Imogen loved receiving a gift from Nikki that was her mother's own concept and creation, and of course she loved being able to dress up just like Mom.

STOP! Do not turn away. You are going to conquer your fear of zippers right now.I’m going to show you how to sew a pillow with a zipper closure and you are going to like it. It is VERY easy, a complete beginner project, and the results are polished goodness. Look at that pic above, you can barely see the zipper even though it’s right up in your face.You can use vintage fabrics like these, new fabrics, old sheets, a sweater, tea towels, a dirty t-shirt, something fabulous from Fabricworm, anything your heart desires – but when we are done you will be sewing zippers like a pro.Learn How to Sew a Zipper Pillow after the jump…

Last weekend I visited the KC Symphony Designers’ Showhouse which was beautiful! Walking through the home, I realized that there is so much to take away from an old house.