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Good morning, my Cutting Edge Stencils friends.? This Mother’;s Day why not hand Mom a bouquet of fresh flowers along with a stenciled flower pot?? Stencils are inexpensive, easy to use and can help personalize your thoughtful gift. If this sounds like the perfect present, then keep reading because we’;re going to show you how to do it.

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We’;d like to introduce Kristinapillow cases solid, one of our crafty fans.? She had bought her husband a Man Crate for his birthday.? This fun-filled gift came in a rustic little wooden crate.? It was adorable, too adorable to toss aside once he used the contents. ? That’;s when Kristina decided that with a little bit of DIY creativity, the wooden crate would make the ideal flower pot.? Kristina chose to add some stencil flair using the?Moroccan Tiles Craft Stencil. Here’;s how it turned out:

Kristina started this project with a set of small wooden crates.? The first thing she did was stain the crates using wood stain from a previous project.

Once the crate was a pretty chestnut hue, she was ready to add a fun stencil pattern. ?She used blue painter’;s tape to tape-off the inner section of the wooden crate.

Kristina painted the inner square white using Ceramacoat Craft paint.

Then she was ready to start stenciling using the Moroccan Tiles Craft Stencil.? Kristina used blue painter’;s tape to hold the pattern in place and a dense foam roller to paint.

Kristina was sure to roll off any excess paint onto a folded paper towel.? The key to stenciling is using as little paint as possible. Too much paint will cause the design to bleed and smudge.

Kristina painted one crate in a turquoise blue and the other one in watermelon pink.

To help the pattern pop, she painted the inner ledge in the contrasting color. So for the turquoise crate, she painted the ledge in watermelon pink.

After they were done, she stepped back to admire her fancy stencil work.

Don’;t these look super cute? We love how her simple and easy DIY project turned out.

Tell us: What do you think of this Man Crate turned stenciled flower pot project? Leave us a comment below!

Haven’;t had enough stenciling fun:

Thanks for reading, and happy stenciling!Michelle and the Cutting Edge Stencils Crew

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