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pillow cases solid How to Make Faux Mitered Corners sofa pillow covers
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This is a technique we've used in several tutorials, and it's been so popular, we thought it should be its very own project so you can refer to it whenever you need it. It's a great way to finish the edge of a blanket, a table runnerpillow cases solid, a wall hanging – just about any flat square or rectangle. Admit it ... you rubbed that satin blanket binding on your cheek and sucked your thumb, didn't you? Oh, wait, that was me. The technique takes a little practice, because you have to make sure you are catching both sides of the binding as you stitch. But I have great confidence in you, and I know you'll be binding everything in site in no time.

If you prefer to make real mitered corners, Starting in the middle of one side, attach your binding, mitering all four corners and making a simple folded edge finish where your ends meet. For more details, link to our tutorial, Bias Tape: How To Make It &; Attach It.

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Viktoriya Porechnaya?is our Wings on Wednesday guest this week with a mixed media canvas inspired by her daughter. With numerous layers and textures, she named her project ‘Tattered Angel’.

Last night we had a fried food party and by the end of it all I could think about was how excited I was to take a shower to wash off the smell of oil. But before that happened, Dan and I took a quick trip to the grocery store and the cold temperatures outside made me want a nice hot bath. So this post is bathtub and shower porn – gorgeous free-standing tubs, subway tiles, showers with multiple, massive?shower heads? I’m just excited about having a shower in our bathroom with one of those curved shower curtain rods – a genius invention! No claustrophobic shower experiences. But dream bathroom wise, I’m imagining multiple shower heads that basically encompass your body, womb-like, in steaming hot water. I’m not a bubble bath person but I would love a big tub that I can soak in with?lavender?oil and sea salt. If there is anything that will get me ready for sleep it’s a super hot salt bath that draws out all the toxins. It sounds so good. A long bath then rinse off in the shower before wrapping yourself in a clean warm robe and rushing quickly to the big comfy bed with clean sheets and a big down comforter.

Have an old jacket in need of a cosy re-work for the cooler months? This DIY is for you!A shearling-lined?denim jacket is a superb winter essential for guys and girls, owing it’s classic utilitarian vibes to a long history of workwear use.?Niwa from our HQ team has been on the hunt for a shearling-lined jacket and we jumped at the chance to upcycle one of his old denim jackets with the recent arrival of our snuggly designer faux shearlings!