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pillow cases solid How to style a guest bedroom accent pillow case baby
Updated: 2020-01-20 Views: 107

Interior stylist Tara Wokulski shares with us her insightful tips on how to style a guest bedroom.

When it comes to styling a guest room, what are your key tips to refreshing the room?

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When styling a guest room I think it’s important to base emphasis on quality linen, something light and airy that creates a sense of calm and relaxation. Remember not to clutter this space, simplicity is key!

How do you recommend updating a guest room whilst keeping it in style with the rest of your house?

When updating our guest room at home, I love the use of throwspillow cases solid, cushions, and photographic prints. Using colours from your existing home decor is a no fail solution to keeping your guests’ room on trend, and is just as inviting as the rest of your home.

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What finishing touches can be added to make a guest feel at home?

I am a sucker for fresh flowers, magazines, and a comfy throw! Fresh flowers help bring a sense of calm and brightness to the room, whilst magazines and a cosy throw entice your guest to put their feet up and enjoy the calm.

What are some styling essentialsthat usually get forgotten but make a big impact?

I am always so big on bedside table styling, I think keeping it simple is key. Ienjoy using fresh flowers, lamps, empty vessels and natural timber objects to help create a simple but prominent statement. But don’t forgot, your guest also wants somewhere to put their phone and glasses. Don’t overcrowd this space!

Abbotson linen, Bellham cushion, Vassey leather cushion,



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