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solid throw pillow covers 12 Ways to Show Your Inner Geek Over the Festive Season funny cushion covers
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The first of our Summer Living blogs offers interior and exterior design ideas using pretty pastel curtain fabrics and soft furnishings to create a quintessentially British tradition of afternoon tea. You may not be eating cucumber sandwiches on the lawns of Bucking Palace but there's no reason with a little ingenuity and some of our Outdoor Living ideas you can't be eating scones with strawberry jam and cream or a bowl of strawberries and cream while relaxing in your outdoor living area. If your garden or patio furniture looks a little worse for wear, new seat pads and a summer themed table cloth will give it an instant up-date.

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We're at the beginning of the school holidays and many parents will already be asking “When do they go back to school?” The school holidays don't have to be a nightmaresolid throw pillow covers, with a little pre-planning there's plenty of ways to keep the kids occupied, and you sane, over the next few weeks. Here's 10 ideas to get you started!