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solid throw pillow covers 12 Ways to be Inspired by the Scandinavians This Christmas funny cushion covers
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If you want a crisp and less commercialised Christmas style this year be inspired by the Scandinavians. They have mastered the art of festive décor by using hand-made decorations that reflect the style of their homes, their culture and their natural surroundings.

The style is rusticsolid throw pillow covers, but it's not staid and boring, nor does it look shoddy; it's a culmination of using natural materials with a down to earth modern chicness. They quite literally have the season sewn up with a host of beautiful and unpretentious decorating ideas that have simplistic charm. ?

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I recently headed out the door for a week-long family vacation, and the last thing I tossed into my carry-on was a Cashmere Wrap. Call it spontaneous or a bit serendipitous, because I ended up throwing on that wrap each day of our trip, whether it was an unseasonably cool morning walk or dinner in an over-air-conditioned restaurant. As someone who has a history of never dressing quite right for the weather, it was a pleasure to adapt so quickly, and so elegantly, to chilly moments.

This Instructable will guide you in making this adorable ruffled purse. I had all my nieces over the other day - one 8 year old and 3 other girls all age 5 (triplets). And it's a handful with them all visiting at once - but we managed to make a couple purses. This adorable ruffled purse was the first one we made! This is also an excellent project to do while teaching a kid how to sew. I used it to teach my nieces some basic sewing machine skills - and I only did parts of it as they sewed the rest! We had a great time. But, with so many kids over and wanting to make their own things, we had to make this cute purse pretty fast! It took about an hour for this one. If you have more time and know how to sew, you can always use this basic template and build onto it - add pockets, a square bottom, or whatever else you want to add!If you have any questions, please ask!

On the cover of our August catalog, we went bold with red and black, or as we like to call it, Cranberry and Onyx. We chose deep, rich reds and paired themcharcoals and blacks, both with a little hint of shine. Our new Morgan pendant in Bronze is a particular favorite, especially in this space, because of its clean lines andsubtlety shiny finish. We reinforced that shiny black finish by using our Durham Desk and our Allen Stools, which both have iron frames for that have a slight reflective quality.