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We love anything tropical, and of course we also love fun animated films, so we were excited when we were asked to create a project inspired by The Wild Life, which will be in theaters September 9th.The Wild Life stars a motley crew of crazy animals, including the over-exuberant parrot we are celebrating heresolid throw pillow covers, a snack-obsessed tapir named Rosie, a persnickety echidna called Epi and even an acrobatic pangolin. They all live on a tropical isle that is pure wild animal paradise until Robinson Crusoe, a marooned human, arrives in the midst of a furious storm, and their lives are forever changed by this bewildering new “creature.” You’ll have to watch the film to learn what happens! But there are some savage cats, a unique treehouse, and a lesson in the true power of friendship. So let’s make a parrot garland and get ready for The Wild Life. This is a fun craft to make with kids, and so easy to do!?Print out some (free) coloring pages from the movie here, including this one of our favorite parrot Makalong with our wild parrot template and get crafting, I’ll show you how to make this garland after the jump…

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The windows are the soul of a home. If a stylish, designer home is your preference, then doing the windows to perfection is essential. It’s the windows, which allow the natural flow of sunlight. It’s the windows, which frame and give an expression to the room. So, treat each window an integral part of the room and design it in keeping with the aura and personality of that particular room. Let’s explore the different window treatment ideas you can give to your home to make it truly stunning and striking.