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solid throw pillow covers DIY Big Bow Headband customized gifts for mom
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How cute are these??? I decided to make one of my own for little S. Get the DIY on how to make a Big Bow Headband after the jump…;

DIY Big Bow Headband

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1. Wash, iron and cut your fabric. I used an Amy Butler cotton (Fresh Poppies in Linen), a scrap of gray poly liningsolid throw pillow covers, and went for two layered big ole bow, you need one piece of fabric for each layer that is double the width of the bow plus 1/4″; and double the length plus 1/4″;. For the top layer I cut a piece 10″; long by 8″; wide. For the bottom gray piece I went 12.5″; long by 10″; wide.

2. Cut a small piece of double-sided lightweight fusible interfacing and iron it to the the wrong side of the fabric smack dab in the middle. The reason for this is to give the center of the bow some stiffness but let the sides flop. I only did this on the top cotton layer, not the bottom rayon layer:

3. Now fold the fabric in half right sides facing the long way, then sew in place just along the unfinished long edge:

4. Remove the paper from the other side of the interfacing, turn the tube you’;ve sewn inside out, and iron it with the seam in the middle:

5. Now fold it in half again right sides facing (so you are still seeing the seam) and sew up the short unfinished edge and if you want you can serge the seam (not necessary at all):

6. Flip it inside out and align the seam in the middle of the back:Repeat with your second fabric or however many layers you want.

7. Sew a little tube and slide it around your bow layers:

Slip it onto a head band. You can glue or stitch it in place so it doesn’;t slide. Done!

Make a lovely little tartan cape with boot gaiters and a fur tam and muff to keep any little 18" doll warm and cozy on an outing with their favorite friend.

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