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If you don't have a room for guests why not put your friends in the attic? many homes have large attic spaces that can be transformed into a practical and functional guest room, although you may need planning permission for a loft conversion, so it's worth checking this out with the local authorities prior to commencing any structural works. For attics that are already converted a makeover may be all that's needed. use pale coloured paints and wall papers for walls as these will help the room appear lighter and airier. Creams and soft greys are good options if you don't want to use white and as they're both neutrals they coordinated with any accent colour.

Pale coloured bedding

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Pale coloured bedding will not only compliment neutral wall colours they can also help to make the room appear lighter and more spacious. Pale blues are gender friendly and are available in a range of styles to compliment your decorating motif.

If there isn't a dormer style window roof skylights are the other alternative. if you install these roller blinds made specifically for the each of the different window manufacturers will be required to ensure they fit and work correctly. As attics can become very hot in the summer and cold in the wintersolid throw pillow covers, choose skylight blinds with insulating and thermal properties.

Comfort under foot

Give your guests comfort under foot by using rugs. These are a practical and economical way to add texture, colour and even pattern to flooring.


Keep accessories simple and in keeping with the theme and style of the room, Try and avoid clutter to keep the room looking chic and stylish. Too many accessories only means more dusting and cleaning for you! Remember the less-is-more rule.

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When making the investment in beautiful bed linen, it’s equally as important to care for it correctly to ensure longevity.

To the sane minded the 1980’s was a period of time that fashion didn’t just forget but actually never met- a particularly bad hair day or dodgy photograph we want to hide at the bottom of the pile. The follicle sin against mankind that was the Perm was huge- and women’s hairstyles were no better! Shoulder pads where epic, snakeskin was hissing its way onto the hangers and both Michael Jackson and Cyndi Lauper were fashion icons- dark days indeed.