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solid throw pillow covers How to style a rug in your home with Bek Halliday accent pillow case baby
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Updating your home for the change of season can be as simple as adding a new rug to your interiors. Interior Stylist Bek Halliday shows us how she styles rugs in her home.

Rugs are a great way to add warmth into your home. Where would you place a rug to add warmth?

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As our home has floorboards throughout, it can be quite hard under foot. I like to add rugs everywhere! I especially love to add rugs in our bedrooms to create warmth and cosy textures.

With little ones running wild, how do you find rugs being a practical piece within the home?

We have rugs in every room of the home except our dining area (as my children can be messy eaters!). But I love having them in our living areas and in the bedrooms. They add a wonderful texture to the space, and a soft little zone for the girls to sit and play.

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In saying that, with little ones around the home, how do you care for your rug?

I tend to choose practical fibres in high traffic areas. For example, a sisal weave, hide or darker patterned rug. Leaving the more luxurious fibres and lighter coloured rugs to the bedrooms. Our girlsare very good at removing their shoes before walking on our rugs. We’ve taught them well! A light vacuum and a shake outside every other week tends to be enough care for us.

What do you love about our Wytherall rug, and what colour palette would you style it with?

Iabsolutely adore this rug! I think the hand woven, and subtle pattern is just beautiful. The soft ivory colour will compliment so many varied styles, from contemporary to coastal. For me, it is a perfect addition to our natural, coastal inspired home. Perfectly blended with natural tones and earthy colours.

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Sometimes I feel like the bathroom is a bit drab.