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solid throw pillow covers How to style side tables with Lulu Cavanagh accent pillow case baby
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Interior Stylist and natural light Photographer Lulu Cavanagh shows us the best way to use side tables in your home.

What’s your preferred way to use side tables within the home?

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I would recommend using side tables nestled together in a lounge setting or next to a bed to create different levels and to add interest to a space. Side tables are a great addition, they have the ability to create balance and bring together a room.

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What doyou enjoy about our Cheska side tables?

The Cheska side tables are so versatile, the refined style can be easily translated into any style of home. I love the low height of the tables. It gives them a minimalist feel and has the flexibility to stack books, or a tall floral arrangement without interfering with the proportions.

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How wouldyou recommend styling them in the home?

When styling the Cheska side tables, choose your hero or your bigger pieces you are styling with first, maybe a stack of books or magazines, then something natural such as flowers twigs or coral, and a beautiful candle. It is then just a matter of adding and taking away until it looks finished to you. Travel trinkets and photos are always good additions when creating a setting as they make it personal to you. If you are stuck when styling always revert back to the design elements and principals to guide you.

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What colour scheme goes best with these side tables?

Colour palettes can be seasonal, based on trends or a style of design. I always opt for a neutral palette as I am a lover of classic minimalist style, but absolutely love colour when it’s used well. The Cheska side tables come in a range of different colours, to fit with any colour palette, and tie in nicely with these Sheridan cushions and throws.

Bligh cushion, Helena wall art



I thought that I was pretty clever when I came up with this. Come to find out, people have already made porcupine pin cushions. But have they mistakenly filled them with disgusting artificially pork-flavored dried pinto beans? I think not. So here is Porc&Beans, the unofficial Prudent Baby mascot. The best part about Porc&Beans is how much my 2yr old wants to play with him even though he is stuck with 100 sharp objects. So fun.

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