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solid throw pillow covers Preparing For The festive Season – Dining Rooms Part 2 funny cushion covers
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Of course there isn't time to redecorate your entire dining room before Christmas, however, there is time to make sure what you have is looking at its best by adding a few festive touches to your furniture and windows.

Red and white are traditional Christmas colours which look stunning when kept solely to these two colours. If you have red curtains you job is made easy as you can simply tie red ribbons around the backs of chairs and lay the table in red to coordinate beautifully and effortlessly!

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Alternatively you do have time to put up ready made curtains such as tab top or eyelet curtains in white voile to give a crisp clean and chic style to your dining area. Likewise, if you have a lounge - diner you could make these into two individual spaces by using ready made curtains as a room divider.

This is an easysolid throw pillow covers, inexpensive, yet effective way to make your living space feel cosy, along with enabling you to keep your table setting as a complete surprise until you are ready to serve! Use curtain poles and tracks with a small diameter if you are going to use lightweight curtains, wooden curtain poles are available in a wide range of different colours, including white to blend with your curtains.

If your dining room curtains are not red and yet you want to use this gorgeous festive colour you could always double layer your curtains by using sheer ready made voile curtains or organza placed over the top of your existing curtains. This type of layering was used by the Victorians, not as window dressings but on tables. Rich velvet table cloths were often covered with another layer of sheer fabric or fine lace to produce beautiful colour effects!

If you already have curtain poles at your dining room window, why not create a sumptuous modern swag and tail a effect by using a sheer voile draped over the width of the pole and left to hang loosely down the sides of your curtains, add large red tree baubles hung from white ribbons to add a touch of chic styling and cohesion to your dining room!

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