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Style Director at Large for Belle, Steve Cordony knows a thing or two about stylish Christmas gifts. Here, he talks to us about why monogramming is so special.

How can someone make gifts more personal at Christmas – a time where presents are in abundance?

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My favourite way to make a gift more personal is to monogram when you can, everything from sheets to towelssolid throw pillow covers, luggage to bath robes, and also by wrapping presents beautifully with thoughtful gestures such as using photographs or prints as cards.

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How long has the trend of monogramming been around and is it reaching its peak now?

The monogramming trend has been around for hundreds of years, luggage being one of the first examples of personalisation, but has really been popularover the last five or six years. For me, I think monogramming will always be one of life's little luxuries and something so simple can make such a big difference to creating something personal and super chic.

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What do you love about monogrammed gifts?

I love monogramming gifts because it’s the extra detail that means you have gone to the extra effort to make something extra special and personal. Whenever I give a monogrammed set of towels, linen, clothes or robes to family or friends, their eyes light up and it’s something so unique and special for them to treasure or pass on to their family as reminders.

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How would you recommend monogramming something?

I love using initials, including the middle initial, for pillows, bathrobes, and towels. Or even using cute words such as ‘his’ or ‘hers’ or an amalgamated nickname for couples.


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