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solid throw pillow covers Take the quiz- which chair are you- - sofa pillow covers
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Your personality is a great indicator of your interior style. Take our quick quiz to find out which iconic chair design suits you and your home best

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A White, neutrals and muted pastels

B All of them! Especially primary colours

C White, cool greys and pale wood tones

D Black, metallics and greys

A Walnut and oak wood, fabrics and flowers

B Melamine, vintage fabrics and quirky art

C Plywoodsolid throw pillow covers, linen and plants

D Metal, wood and leather

A 1850s

B 1960s

C 1950s

D 1940s

A A beautiful, refurbished grand old villa in Europe with traditional gardens

B A colourful, mid-century modern architectural masterpiece somewhere cool like Denmark

C A minimalist retreat with simple, functional and open-plan design in Sweden

D A modern, loft-style apartment in New York, featuring brick walls and soaring windows

A Sophisticated

B Fun

C Down to earth

D Edgy

thonet No. 18 Bentwood Cafe Chair

A popular choice in cafes and restaurants, the Thonet chair, also known as a ‘bistro chair’, was first designed by Michael Thonet in the 1850s. It is still produced in one of the original Thonet factories in Europe and remains one of the best-selling chairs ever designed. Made by wetting wood (soaking or steaming), then bending it and letting it harden into a curved shape, this classic and versatile design complements most interior styles.

The Panton chair

The Panton Chair is an S-shaped seat created by Danish designer Verner Panton in the 1960s. The world’s first moulded plastic chair, it is considered to be one of the masterpieces of Danish design. A must-have piece for any retro junkie, the iconic design has been remastered over the years but remains a timeless and functional chair, available in a host of funky colours.

CH24 WishbonE Chair

Hans Wegner was a world-renowned Danish furniture designer who in his lifetime designed over 500 different chairs, 100 of which were put into mass production. Perhaps his most famous is the Wishbone Chair. Designed in collaboration with maker Carl Hansen in 1949, it gained popularity during the 1950s and is still a popular choice for lovers of Scandinavian design and decor today.

Emeco 1006 Navy Chair

Emeco founder Wilton C. Dinges developed this chair in 1944 in collaboration with the Aluminium Company of America. It was originally built for use in US Navy warships and submarines during World War II, but later became a designer chair used in high-end restaurants and by interior designers who loved the cutting-edge industrial look we know and love today.

Where to buy: No. 18 Bentwood Café Chair from; Panton Chair from; CH24 Wishbone Chair from; 1006 Navy Chair from

Party planning is such a fun hobby. ?The only problem is if you like it as much as I do, you often find there are too many great theme ideas for just one party. ?But you don’t always have to choose…some themes can work together. ?I have two boys, so I have always wanted to do a Little Man party. ?I adore this Mr. Man Birthday Bash and this roundup of little man party ideas on Oopsey Daisy. ?I also loved the idea of a Milk & Cookies theme, especially for babies. ?I have seen beautiful examples of this theme for baby showers and toddler birthday parties.

2 years doesn’t get as much press as 1 year, and yet it is just as important as any other marriage milestone. Representing strength and adaptability, cotton is the traditional theme for a 2nd anniversary gift, but as you can see from this selection of gorgeous ideas, that doesn’t mean you’re restricted to dishcloths and bedsheets if you want to stick to convention.

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