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I thought that I was pretty clever when I came up with this. Come to find out, people have already made porcupine pin cushions. But have they mistakenly filled them with disgusting artificially pork-flavored dried pinto beans? I think not. So here is Porc&Beans, the unofficial Prudent Baby mascot. The best part about Porc&Beans is how much my 2yr old wants to play with him even though he is stuck with 100 sharp objects. So fun.

Guess what’s knocking on our door?!?!? OCTOBER!!? And do you know why I scream-typed OCTOBER all excited at you?? Nosolid throw pillow covers, not because I get to turn off my air conditioning.? Or that the sun is going down earlier so my kids fall asleep sooner at night.? Or that I get to start wearing sweaters to hide those extra pumpkin recipes I’ve been snacking on.? (Though, those are all really good things about October.) No, the biggest reason I’m so excited for October is……HALLOWEEN COSTUMES!!!!!!?

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